Chapter III Part V

Decided to go for roman numerals this time just to shake things up a bit!

Anyway, so we’ve got Chapter Three, Part Five out today! It trends toward the short side, but the length issues plaguing the two most recent chapters will be resolved in time for next week’s release! (And by the looks of how much plot is in the next part, it’ll need to be quite long)


As for this part, we’re still walking along the road with Zero, the crazy kid Albus, and our beloved down-to-earth mercenary Voldemo—I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Zero decides to go ahead and drop some more history on Mr. Merc, while he has some sort of inner conflict (?) about Zero and the mysterious Thirteenth. The part is, again, a bit short, so I’ll cap the summary off there to avoid going into further detail (and therefore possibly spoiler territory!)

—————————END POSSIBLE SPOILERS—————————

A side note for those of you who may be wondering: no, my trip to Asia will not delay or in any way inhibit the progress of this translation. As always, you can look forward to having the next part available every Monday (US time)!

On a parting note, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this translation of Zero kara Hajimeru no Sho. This LN has really grown on me since my first exposure to it on a suggestions forum, and I cannot put into words how much of a blast I’ve been having translating for you (and reading it while doing so!). I look forward so much to the future of this series (if the illustrations for the next few volumes are telling of anything), and I hope you are as hyped for it as I am! I know the parts have been quite short recently, and though I’d like to make much longer parts, real life has been getting the better of me. Starting next week however, parts will be much longer as the worst of the storm will have passed!

See you then! \(^ヮ^)/


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3 thoughts on “Chapter III Part V

  1. First, thank you for the chapters. Second, we’re planning on translating the monthly manga of this light novel from Chinese to English. But this is the first time we ( I) do it, it might not be good, so…. please help us out if you have free time (>.<) Again, thank you very much for the hard work


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