Chapter :3 Part :9 !!

:3 :9

Welcome to the next part in the long journey that has been Chapter 3!

First, an announcement: several shorter parts in Chapter 3 may be merged after the chapter is complete, in order to improve readability. However, some of you may prefer wall-of-texts while others may prefer shorter, more digestible chunks. So here’s a poll! (at the end of the post)

Not going to give a  plot summary this week—looking forward too much to what’s in store.  (I’m sure you’ll be able to tell once you’ve read this part)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Finally, thank you for leaving such awesome feedback, you guys are the best! Know that your comments will always be appreciated and responded to, (timeliness is not a guarantee :p) no matter what they may concern.

(no offensive stuff though obviously)

P.S. Part 9 ended there because it was such a good ending; I couldn’t pass it up in favor of a longer part…priorities am I right? 😉

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2 thoughts on “Chapter :3 Part :9 !!

  1. Hmm, perhaps just leave ’em as they are to satisfy the ones who want chunks, and to satisfy those who want walls-of-text just make a new page with the entire chapter combined?

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