Part 13?


Hi, this is Aer! ^^

Remember how I said that Part 12-B will be released today? …Well, it’s going to be released next Monday instead, at the usual time.

I feel really bad for having to do this to you guys, as I, Lockman, and Melody all try our best to keep to our self-enforced schedule as much as possible, although we’ve slipped once or twice before (my fault though, read on to see why). The main reason for these delays is because, unlike (most? I haven’t checked) other projects on ND, we do not have a buffer between the currently released part and the part currently being translated. Each part is translated the week before release (kind of like South Park episodes!).

Why don’t we have one? Well, it’s mostly because I just haven’t gotten around to it, as I’ve been pressed for time recently. But, I will do my best to establish a sizable buffer in the week to come, just in case I am pressed for time again.

As a little something to make sure you didn’t come for nothing, here are two pics from volume six: (the latest volume in the series until Aug.8)


(Last one’s from vol.5)

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3 thoughts on “Part 13?

  1. Wait, he was a tiger beastman? Why was I under the impression that he was some sort of wolf? Also, I kinda wonder what that giant mouse ear thing is, and at the same time I kinda don’t want to know… 😕


    • It’s never clearly stated what type of animal he takes after, at least not in the portion of the volume I’ve read so far. In chapter one, he describes how he’s never seen another fallen beast with an appearance similar to his. (something along those lines)


      • Chapter 1, part 2: “It was probably some feline, even though it would be too cruel for me to be a cat. My fur was white with light black stripes, although the white mostly won out over the black, creating a complex pattern.”


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