Welcome to a new adventure! (C4-1)

Hey folks!

Chapter 3 was the alpha and omega of our time in Foamicaum, so Chapter 4 is here to pick up from where Chapter 3 left off: with our much-loved merc, I-don’t-even-know Zero, and dumb Albus.

Just as a quick note: you will notice that things start to get a bit real near the end of the part; pay veeery close attention to that section. Just a friendly PSA 😉

In Chapter 3 news, parts will be merged once all external/internal links are sorted out, those get really messy really fast if they aren’t.

Finally, if you guys are enjoying Zero Mahou, please feel free to go on novelupdates or whichever service you prefer and drop a rating/review on its page for this series! We’re always happy to get feedback from you guys (you can help us get better at our work!), and by reviewing/rating , you’ll be helping people to find a series which may or may not become one of their favorite/moderately liked/disliked/most hated series!

Leaving feedback in the comments here is even easier for us to get at!

and zero mahou nano! #01 is coming soon too! is anyone else excited for that? okay, i’ll see myself out…
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