Zero! (as a figure)

Edit 2: (quoted from Chungkh’s comment)

Why not this? 9,250 JPY at amismi

Edit: (vza dropping some important info for prospective buyers down in the comments)

She has been opened for pre-order (out now) for awhile now. Keep in mind that the figure is actually a colored resin kit so there’s going to be some work, assembly and detail painting.

Zero has been turned into a figure! The images are appealing, while the price…at 12,000 JPY…is not particularly so.



credit: jonathanasdf@sekaigame


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5 thoughts on “Zero! (as a figure)

  1. Hrmm, somehow she seems a little generic here…the outfit is cute, but I don’t think it really brings out her personality.

    …I kinda want a figurine for the mercenary, now. 😅


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