Chapter Four, Part the Second

I quite like this way of referring to parts, but it may be a bit too normal now that I think about it…

Hey! Hello! Hi! We’re back tonight (or morning/afternoon) to bring you Part Deux of Chapter Four!

If you take a look at our progress bar for the current chapter, you will notice that we have already reached 19% completion with this chapter! This is because Chapter Four is much (thankfully) shorter than Chapter Three. Just a little factoid :3

On to some real announcements! Next week, we’ll be taking a break from Chapter Four to bring you some Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Nano! action! This time it’s #01, and will again be typeset by our awesome editor, LockmanCapulet! Give him some love!

Don’t worry though, as we’ll be back with more of the dark suspense that’s been brewing so far in Chapter Four the week after! We hope you will enjoy this short break from the main storyline to refresh yourselves with a cute (non-canon) subplot! #01 is set sometime near the beginning of Chapter Three.

On the merging of parts in Chapter Three, as stated in a previous post: there’s a mess of links that have to be sorted out before any sort of merging can take place, so to new readers especially: please bear with us!

As always, we hope you will be delighted by this part!


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