C4-7 + Anime Cast Interview

With this week’s release, 50%+ completion for Chapter Four has been reached!

Important PSA: After a long time using “I” because this is just such a difficult term to localize, we are changing the term with which Zero refers to herself. In the original text it is 我輩, which is archaic and slightly arrogant. Thus, to reflect these nuances and in response to a part in C4-7 which necessitates that the distinction be made, we will be using the royal we instead of “I” for when Zero uses the first person pronoun. Past occurrences will be corrected for in the coming days.

Now on to the requested translation for this article about the anime; here are the quote bits (aka, the highlights) plus context when necessary:

Yumiri Hanamori on voicing Zero: “I want people to notice Zero’s cuteness.”

Tsuyoshi Koyama on voicing Mercenary: “I lived like an animal when I was in my twenties, so I can relate [to him].”

Yō Taichi on voicing Albus: “I hope I can portray Albus’ true attitude with my performance.”

Yō Taichi on voice acting: “The characters’ lines are long, so recording is tough.”

A message from Kakeru Kobashiri: “I wasn’t sure what I should do if the announcement turned out to be a huge success. To the fans who are excited for the anime adaptation: it’s all because of you that we managed to make it this far. To those who have yet to read the original work: be sure to go to a bookstore after you leave!”

Shizuma Yoshinori on the anime adaptation: “I can’t stop shivering with anticipation from the thought of seeing Zero and mercenary in motion.”

Yumiri Hanamori: “Zero is a witch that acts like a girl. The sheer amount of lines makes me nervous, but I hope you will all support us!”

Tsuyoshi Koyama, whose birthday is on the 4th: “It’s a great birthday present to be given such an important task. I will put my heart and soul into it.”

Yō Taichi: “I am preparing thoroughly, and will do my best when recording!”

Translated for Nanodesu Translations from: dengekionline.com/…em/000/001/379/1379752

Enjoy, and we’ll see you again Thursday (possibly) for a surprise mystery announcement!


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5 thoughts on “C4-7 + Anime Cast Interview

  1. Thanks a ton for translating the staff comments, as well!!

    They may seem insignificant, but I always like to read what they have to say regarding production.


    • No probs! Always open to do requests 😀

      The fanservice thing about merc and Zero getting together was a bit…saccharine (lol)…according to another translator, but I’ll see if I can’t do that, if there’s enough interest, after the special announcement!


      • Saccharine, hm? interesting… I guess authors wrote whatever they liked given (I’m assuming) it’s not canon. Nonetheless, appreciate you considering it!


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