C4-10 + Mystery Announcement

edit: missing menu entry for C4-10 has been fixed!

Hey all! We’re at 85% with the release of part ten!

Our mystery announcement: We’ll be releasing a translation of Chapter Four of the Zero Mahou manga in two weeks’ time! As usual, the light novel will take priority over all ancillary translations. Chapter four actually does not mesh with chapter four of the LN, and seems to involve Albus running through a forest in a dress…no idea what happened there. Still, look forward to it!

We’ll also be skipping next week’s release in order to complete Chapter 4 in its entirety in one fell swoop, so the next part release will also be two weeks from now.

tl;dr: Zero Mahou manga Ch.4 and completed LN Ch.4 will both be released two weeks from today.


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