Have an early Christmas!

Hi!! Welcome!! Today is both a joyous and sad (as you’ll soon see) day, for today, we bring to you Chapter Four of Zero Mahou!

Today, we say goodbye to Chapter Four, and await our introduction to Chapter Five! I’m sure the wait will be most delightful for everyone 😉

Furthermore, today we release our translation of Zero Mahou’s manga adaptation, also Chapter Four! Although, Chapter Four in the manga is more like the first half of Chapter 3 in the light novel…but we still hope you’ll enjoy seeing Zero and Merc illustrated! And I must say, they are some delightful illustrations indeed. You can read it here.

The manga translation would not have been possible had it not been for the generosity of Vulgrim, who furnished us with the raws to Volume One of the manga, so our gratitude goes to him or her. Further thanks goes, as always, to our diligent editor/manga typesetter Lockman Capulet for typesetting, editing the translation, and making our title card! Last but certainly not least, our project supervisor Rhymes with Melody has done an amazing job keeping morale high and doling out encouragement, so a round of applause to him as well!

Lastly, our appreciation goes out to you, the reader, for accompanying us on this magnificent journey, and we hope that you enjoy this week’s release bonanza!


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