New Year’s Update

Hey all! We hope everyone’s had a happy new year!

There’s been some delays recently due to some unexpected new year’s madness, and I’ll be here to bring you all up to speed on what we’ve been doing!

  • The first part (of two) to Chapter Six will be out next week! I’m sorry for the confusion about this, as I had forgotten about holiday obligations and didn’t give you guys a timely heads-up to change its official release date.
  • Nano! #02 is out today! Apologies for the late release on this one!
  • Chapter 5 of the manga will be scanlated once we get ahold of the raws (which will be soon!), but most likely after the two-part Chapter Six release in the two following weeks!

My mistake for going a bit incognito during this hectic period and not communicating readily enough with you.

Thanks always for sticking with us, and please enjoy this week’s Nano! chapter!


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