Release Schedule for Jan. 9-Feb. 6

There isn’t a release today, though it’s been nearly three weeks since a LN update, and this is because it was folly to try and translate ~50 pages (!) of a ~100 page chapter in a week. A previous poll seemed to indicate that the majority of us want more condensed releases rather than more frequent ones, so Chapter 6-1 will be released next Monday instead, and Chapter 6-2 will finish off the chapter the week after (most likely).

Here is an updated release schedule encompassing the Mondays between January 9th and February 6th, inclusive:

  • Jan. 16 — LN Chapter 6-1
  • Jan. 23 — LN Chapter 6-2
  • Jan. 30 — Chapter 5 of the manga
  • Feb. 6 — Chapter 6 of the manga OR LN Chapter 7 (wrapping up Vol. 1 of the LN!!!)
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4 thoughts on “Release Schedule for Jan. 9-Feb. 6

    • Well…yes and no. The following two releases will be condensed in the sense that they will be translations of 2-3x the amount of pages we usually translate in a release, so that we can finish the entirety of Chapter Six in two parts of 50 pages each. So yes in the sense that we will be releasing long parts, but no in that we’re not releasing the chapter in one part, but two.


      • Oh sweet. Can’t wait to read it next tuesday (timezone difference), and to have a pdf of volume 1 after ch. 7 gets released.

        Thanks and keep up the translations.


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