Chapter 6 Continues!

This part ends on a cliffhanger (almost literally!) 🙂

Please enjoy!

Manga news for those interested (though really, everyone should be excited to see fuzzy Merc and Zero):

  • The script for Chapter 5 has been completed, and we’re going to typeset/do some QC work before releasing it later this week!
  • Chapter 6 will come sooner than Chapter 5 did, no more two-month long waits for manga chapters! (more like 1 or 1/2 month waits, depending on how quickly the LN translation goes)

Though a word of warning: the manga won’t be catching up to our LN progress anytime soon. It’s not even to do with how quickly we can translate the manga chapters, but that the latest chapter in Japanese is only up to Chapter 6 of the LN (the same chapter we’re on!), but do be sure to peruse the chapters released so far!


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