Further Manga Updates

Hello all! We’ve got some more updates about the status of the manga translation for you!

Chapter Five is done with the QC stage, and we’re working on making the changes proposed in said QC stage. We’re extremely concerned with the quality of our work, so thanks for your patience so far and know that we’ll only be putting out our best when the release date comes!

Speaking of the release date, we’re combining the release date of Chapter 6 Part 7 with the manga’s Chapter Five to make sure we’ve got a solid release date up and that there won’t be any more last-minute changes. This means both Chapter Five of the manga and Chapter 6 Part 7 of the LN will be released next Monday!

As for the manga’s release schedule, we’ve settled on releasing the chapter here for you to see first, and then posting to Batoto a few days later.

Again, thank you so much for sticking with us so far, and know that the wait will be over very soon!

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