Chapter 6 — Part 10

Hooray, the anime’s here! And a warm welcome to all our readers both old and new!

To celebrate the release of the anime’s first episode, we’ve got a much meatier part here for you today, and eight hours earlier no less! Enjoy! We have only around 40 pages of the volume left to go.

For those of us just joining the party, please feel free to navigate the site using the navbar tabs located below our site banner. Some landing pages may not have links to all of the available content, as they are mostly ancillary, but a warning regardless. While you’re at it, do take some time to peruse the both the spinoff Nano! and official manga releases! If you’re looking for Chapters 1-3 of the manga, they can be found on Batoto, posted by other generous individuals and groups before us.

We will soon have more news regarding documentation, manga translations, and other misc. topics. Stay tuned!

P.S. A side note to new readers: we refer to this project as Zero Mahou internally, and although the anime title is localized as “Grimoire of Zero”, we hope you’ll join us on our little secret while you’re here!

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