No part this week

Hi all, the last two weeks have been rather trying in terms of sheer volume of work, so there isn’t a part this Monday.

Lockman will have Manga Chapter 7 typeset and ready for release next Monday though, so look forward to that!



Chapter 2, Part 5

Chapter 2, Part 5 is now up! Apologies for the delay; things are pretty much going to be like this for the next month, so please bear with us!

In other news: Chapter 7 of the manga is being typeset, so expect that soon!

Part 4 Updated with edits!

Part 4 has now been updated with Lockman’s edits!


Chapter 2, Part 4 (UNEDITED)

Hey all! Things are picking up in this week’s Chapter 2 – Part 4! We’re releasing this unedited for now while we give Lockman some breathing room, but we’ll post an edited version once he gets to it.

Still, for now, enjoy!

Chapter 2, Part 3

Chapter 2-3 is now available! It is rather short, but I felt that we had gone far too long without any posts, so here we are!

Hopefully, we should have Manga Chapter 7 typeset in the next few weeks, so there may be a manga release rather than a light novel one Monday after next.


Release Schedule Update

Hey all, Aer here.

There haven’t been any releases recently, and I take full responsibility for that. I have just had very little downtime to do any work on Zero Mahou, which was made even worse by a 3-day event I attended this past weekend.

To deal with the recent delays, we will be transitioning from a weekly release schedule to a bi-weekly one, at least for the time being. Hopefully that means longer parts, but also no guilt here and no disappointment for you when there isn’t a part every week. Thanks to the commenter who suggested that.

Lockman will be working on typesetting Manga C7 soon, and we will provide updates when that happens.

The Volume One ePub/PDF is on our radar, but given the lack of time recently even for weekly parts, it’s on hold for a little while longer until we make it through this stretch.

Thanks everyone, all of you, and I’ll see you next Monday for what should be the first part in a while.


No Part This Week

Hi guys! I forgot to put up an announcement on Monday but there isn’t going to be a part this week due to a ridiculous amount of work I have to do. I’ll make time to get a part done for next Monday though. Count on it.