Chapter 6 Part 4!

Here’s to reaching 50% completion on Chapter Six! I hope you’re ready for what comes next week…

As for the manga:

We’re working on finishing the script and beginning the typesetting of the chapter, so the projected release date for Chapter Five of the manga is next week, most likely alongside the LN release on Monday!



Much release! Such long!

Enjoy this week’s release for C6-3!

We’ll be working on getting the next chapter of the manga out before the end of the month, so keep an eye out for news about that in the coming weeks as well!



Chapter Six, Part Two is now out! Feast your eyes upon the next part of Merc’s adventure!

We are planning a manga release sometime within the next month, and we’ll be going back to a weekly release schedule for the Light Novel translation, as we feel we’ve been getting off schedule for the last couple of weeks. Expect the longer updates to remain though!

Enjoy, and know we will always appreciate you sharing in this journey with us!


Next Week!

We’re gonna try one more time to bring you guys a long part to finish Chapter Six quickly, which means no release this week in exchange for a substantial release next Monday 😦

No more broken laptop = long delays business; all of our drafts are now kept on the cloud so rest easy 😀


Chapter Six, Part One

Heyo! We’re *FINALLY* back!!!

And this time, it’s part one of chapter six which heralds our return!

This is not fifty pages long as originally promised, due to unexpected events 😦

Still, it is hopefully still acceptably sizable, and we’ll be working on longer and longer parts in the weeks to come.

Speaking of weeks to come, we will be releasing a translation for Chapter Five of the Zero Mahou manga adaptation shortly after Chapter Six, Part Two, so stay tuned if you want to see our heroes journey into Foamicaum (again) (but in graphic form)!

We hope you enjoy, and apologize for the long hiatus. We’re making sure that this won’t happen again by storing our intermediate drafts in the magical place that is the cloud 😮

—The Zero Mahou team!

A Small Setback

So…the release of C6-1 is going to be delayed a couple of days to either Thursday or Friday.

Funny story, but I managed to brick my laptop after dropping it (>_<) and I don’t keep backups of my data…and unfortunately hindsight is 20/20.

It’s been a day since, and I’ve been working off of memory + a physical copy of Zero Mahou + a temporary computer to speed up the translation process this time around, so it’s only going to take a day or two to get back up to the ~50 pages’ worth that got annihilated.

Sorry for another delay, but this one’ll be short!


P.S. Wish me luck as I attempt to retrieve what remains on the laptop’s hard drive 😦

Release Schedule for Jan. 9-Feb. 6

There isn’t a release today, though it’s been nearly three weeks since a LN update, and this is because it was folly to try and translate ~50 pages (!) of a ~100 page chapter in a week. A previous poll seemed to indicate that the majority of us want more condensed releases rather than more frequent ones, so Chapter 6-1 will be released next Monday instead, and Chapter 6-2 will finish off the chapter the week after (most likely).

Here is an updated release schedule encompassing the Mondays between January 9th and February 6th, inclusive:

  • Jan. 16 — LN Chapter 6-1
  • Jan. 23 — LN Chapter 6-2
  • Jan. 30 — Chapter 5 of the manga
  • Feb. 6 — Chapter 6 of the manga OR LN Chapter 7 (wrapping up Vol. 1 of the LN!!!)