Terminology Update #2

We have just expanded the terminology section with additional fun facts and in-depth explanations of terms and the world of Zero Mahou!

Do take time to read if you want to know more about Merc, Zero, and the society they live in!

Feel free to also use this as a reference any time you feel lost or confused about something!

Terminology Update

Hey all! As some of you may have noticed, we’ve changed the name of the nation this first volume takes place in from “Vanias” to “Wenias”. Upon noticing a slight error in my anglicization of this name (the “v” vs the “w”), I immediately took action to replace all previous mention of it with the name used in the anime, both to rectify the error and to create greater homogeneity so as to reduce possible confusion between terms.

At some point in the future, we may expand our terminology page to act as a reference point and pronunciation guide to more easily convert between the two terminology sets. (For now, it’s just a help page explaining the difference between magic and sorcery, but don’t read it if you haven’t read through Chapter Two yet!)

Chapter 6 — Part 10

Hooray, the anime’s here! And a warm welcome to all our readers both old and new!

To celebrate the release of the anime’s first episode, we’ve got a much meatier part here for you today, and eight hours earlier no less! Enjoy! We have only around 40 pages of the volume left to go.

For those of us just joining the party, please feel free to navigate the site using the navbar tabs located below our site banner. Some landing pages may not have links to all of the available content, as they are mostly ancillary, but a warning regardless. While you’re at it, do take some time to peruse the both the spinoff Nano! and official manga releases! If you’re looking for Chapters 1-3 of the manga, they can be found on Batoto, posted by other generous individuals and groups before us.

We will soon have more news regarding documentation, manga translations, and other misc. topics. Stay tuned!

P.S. A side note to new readers: we refer to this project as Zero Mahou internally, and although the anime title is localized as “Grimoire of Zero”, we hope you’ll join us on our little secret while you’re here!

Chapter Six, Part Nine

Chapter Six – Part Nine is now out! I do enjoy cliffhangers. (it wasn’t on purpose I swear)

Also, the first episode of the anime airs next week today! Don’t miss it!

Chapter 6 — Part 8

enjoy! And be sure to tell your friends to tune in to the anime two weeks from today!

Look out for news on new Nano! and manga chapters soon!

Chapter Six – Part Seven

Next part up!

Don’t forget to check out the manga if you haven’t yet, the illustrations really are quite awesome! Also be sure to peruse the post and page comments by other users for some cool tidbits about the upcoming anime and Zero figurines!

Manga – Chapter Five

Sorry guys, but I’ve been sick the past few days so there’s no Chapter Six update this week. What we have instead is Chapter Five of the Zero Mahou manga, which we have posted here early for your enjoyment!

For those of you who prefer a more reader-style reading experience, we’ll be posting Chapter Five onto Batoto in around two to three days, so don’t fret.

Chapter Five may be found under the Manga tab in the menu bar