Chapter 2, Part 8 Updated!

Now with new and improved editing™!


Chapter 2, Part 8 & Release Schedule Update!

Hi all! I’m happy to say that we have maintained our pace from the last part, once again bringing you a long part this week. Unfortunately it has not yet been edited, but we are releasing it as-is (!) to hold to our release schedule and it will be edited once we are further past the holidays and celebrations/vacations are over.

Speaking of release schedules, we are returning to our once-a-week release schedule for the next three weeks (!!) with the longer (maybe even longer) part lengths (!!!), so we hope you enjoy (!!!!)!

No further news concerning the PDF/ePub, but anonymous sources claim that more news will come soon. The same sources report that the next manga chapter is in the works.

Chapter 2, Part 7 & ePub/PDF Updates!

Hi all!

We’re releasing a longer part than usual this week as thanks for bearing with us through the extra-long wait since the last part. I also now have time to work with for the next couple of weeks, so hopefully we can maintain this trend of longer parts for a while.

I also come bearing news about the ePub/PDF! Volume One is next in line after our resident ePub/PDF maker is done with another series. If anyone reading this is capable with ePub/PDF publishing and editing, please apply over on the main NanoDesu website! We could always use more help!

Look forward to updates on ePub/PDF progress as they come out, and news about the next manga (possibly Nano!) chapter!


Chapter 2, Part 6

Chapter 2, part 6 is now out! Enjoy! Just as a heads up, there may not be a part week after next due to finals week.

Manga Chapter 7

Manga Chapter 7 has been typeset and released! Head over on to the Manga tab and select Chapter 7 from the hover menu to read it now!

No part this week

Hi all, the last two weeks have been rather trying in terms of sheer volume of work, so there isn’t a part this Monday.

Lockman will have Manga Chapter 7 typeset and ready for release next Monday though, so look forward to that!


Chapter 2, Part 5

Chapter 2, Part 5 is now up! Apologies for the delay; things are pretty much going to be like this for the next month, so please bear with us!

In other news: Chapter 7 of the manga is being typeset, so expect that soon!