Chapter One, Part Four

Wherein strange, highly unusual things happen.

Manga C6 is almost done being typeset, for the curious!

Chapter One, Part Three

Ah, good ol’ Zero. Never change.

Chapter One, Part Two

Welcome back to the Zero and Mercenary (no Albus, though good or bad is dependent on your viewpoint) show! This time featuring: seafood.


Chapter One, Part One

Kicking off volume two, we have Chapter One, Part One available as of today!


Illustrations Typeset + Memorial Day Delay

Hey all! Some good news and some not-so-good news.

First off, the not-so-good news: Lockman is incognito right now, most likely due to Memorial Day activities, so we’re going to delay this week’s release to Wednesday the 31st so that it can be edited and perfected before we make it public.

Now on to the good news! We’ve got wonderfully typeset illustrations from the incredibly talented castor2122, which you may feast your eyes on by navigating to the illustrations pages! Enjoy!

Manga C-6 is currently being edited and typeset. I’ll be sure to update you all on any progress reports as I receive them!


V1 Afterword/Commentary + V2 Illustrations & Prologue

We’ve got a lot to announce today!

Volume 1’s afterword and accompanying commentary have been released, as well as translations for Volume 2’s illustrations and prologue! Check them out on the menu!

We will have Volume 1 & Volume 2’s illustrations all typeset very soon, and so the unwieldy subtitles in Volume 2’s illustrations page will soon be colorful glowing text on the images themselves. PDF/ePub editing for Volume 1 is set to commence as well.

News for the manga coming in a day or two!

Zero Mahou, Volume One Complete

I was astonished to have the opportunity to type those five words, and overwhelmed by the emotion I felt as I did so. It’s been a long journey, and I’d like to thank all of you for your endless patience, as well as your continuous support over the past twelve months. There have been countless hours of effort and energy put into all different aspects of this project, and it is an honor and a privilege, as well as a personal point of pride, to finally be able to announce its completion. As for the future, Volume Two will take not nearly as much time as Volume One, that I can promise you.

Some administrative notices before we conclude this broadcast:

  • There will be no releases for the next week as we focus on editing and generally reviewing/overhauling older releases in preparation for PDF/ePub publication. We will also be using that time to catch up with the manga, and to build up a buffer for Volume Two, title pending.
  • We will be re-typesetting some illustrations to bring them in line with our more recent translations, so some illustrations may be missing from the illustrations page.
  • Oh, and the afterword is coming in the next day or two.

As always, thank you to LockmanCapulet for your speed editing prowess, and to kuro-pi for “supervising” reigning as supreme overlord over this puny translation.

More news to come.