No Part This Week

Hi guys! I forgot to put up an announcement on Monday but there isn’t going to be a part this week due to a ridiculous amount of work I have to do. I’ll make time to get a part done for next Monday though. Count on it.


Chapter 2, Part 2

Hey guys!!! We are back this week to bring you part two of chapter two! Gotta love that character dynamic between Theo and Pops…I mean Mercenary.

Chapter 7 of the manga is being typeset over the next week or two, so look forward to that in the very near future!


Hi all! I’m really sorry about this but there’s not going to be a part this Monday. I’ve been moving for the past couple of days and haven’t gotten a chance to do any translating. We hope you all understand! All your support is very, very appreciated.

Chapter 2, Part 1

A NEW PART IS UP!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for keeping you all waiting 🙂

that Theo kid is messed up for sure

Internet Issues

Hey guys, it’s aer here again!

im having severe internet issues today (travel-related reasons) and can’t upload this week’s part, not to wordpress, not to anywhere. I’m cancelling this week’s part because it’s on the very short side anyway, and it’ll be added on to next week’s for a longer part.

thanks for understanding guys, it’s really appreciated!

Vacation Time

Hi all!

I really should have announced this earlier, but I thought I could get some work in over the past week and so I didn’t. I’m currently on vacation in Japan, and my days have been packed (sightseeing while in a typhoon, anyone?) which meant no time to get a part out for this week, unfortunately.

All I can offer are pictures if y’all are interested, but know that there will be a part next week, as I’m returning on Friday!

Chapter One Complete!

Chapter One, Part Nine has been released, and that brings Chapter One to a close!

What’s the deal with the saint? What is the Church up to? And what is the background of our newest traveling companion?

Stay tuned to find out next week in:

Chapter Two: The Saint and the Father