Look who’s back!

Guess who’s back in town in this week’s installment of Zero Mahou?

We’ve got some fun times ahead, I’m sure. 😉

For anyone interested, we’re aiming to get to Vol.2 of the manga and Nano! #02 in a month!

Chapter Five — Immolation

After the events of Chapter Four, what will happen to our mercenary now? And perhaps more immediately, what is Albus’ fate, and Zero’s?

What could the chapter’s title possibly mean?

Press onward!


Have an early Christmas!

Hi!! Welcome!! Today is both a joyous and sad (as you’ll soon see) day, for today, we bring to you Chapter Four of Zero Mahou!

Today, we say goodbye to Chapter Four, and await our introduction to Chapter Five! I’m sure the wait will be most delightful for everyone 😉

Furthermore, today we release our translation of Zero Mahou’s manga adaptation, also Chapter Four! Although, Chapter Four in the manga is more like the first half of Chapter 3 in the light novel…but we still hope you’ll enjoy seeing Zero and Merc illustrated! And I must say, they are some delightful illustrations indeed. You can read it here.

The manga translation would not have been possible had it not been for the generosity of Vulgrim, who furnished us with the raws to Volume One of the manga, so our gratitude goes to him or her. Further thanks goes, as always, to our diligent editor/manga typesetter Lockman Capulet for typesetting, editing the translation, and making our title card! Last but certainly not least, our project supervisor Rhymes with Melody has done an amazing job keeping morale high and doling out encouragement, so a round of applause to him as well!

Lastly, our appreciation goes out to you, the reader, for accompanying us on this magnificent journey, and we hope that you enjoy this week’s release bonanza!


C4-10 + Mystery Announcement

edit: missing menu entry for C4-10 has been fixed!

Hey all! We’re at 85% with the release of part ten!

Our mystery announcement: We’ll be releasing a translation of Chapter Four of the Zero Mahou manga in two weeks’ time! As usual, the light novel will take priority over all ancillary translations. Chapter four actually does not mesh with chapter four of the LN, and seems to involve Albus running through a forest in a dress…no idea what happened there. Still, look forward to it!

We’ll also be skipping next week’s release in order to complete Chapter 4 in its entirety in one fell swoop, so the next part release will also be two weeks from now.

tl;dr: Zero Mahou manga Ch.4 and completed LN Ch.4 will both be released two weeks from today.


Art time!

Zero Mahou Nano! was recently compiled into its first volume! The cover looks like this:

The artist for the Nano! series, Yasuoka (known also as Tsukaki on pixiv), whipped up a little artwork to commemorate the occasion and the anime reveal:

Thought you guys might like to see some cool Zero Mahou art!

this is your weekly notification that a new part of ZM has been released (C4-9)



76% Completion has been reached with chapter four part nine!

Interesting fact of the week: all humans who died were alive at some point

Serious fact of the week: mystery announcement is slated for next week’s release post


but seriously ツッコミがほしい


C4-Part 8 Released + Royal We Update

This week we’re bringing you Chapter Four, Part Eight which will bring us to 67% completion!

Although use of the royal we (in this case it’s less pluralis majestatis and more just the editorial we, but whatever) works fine in this post, it does not unfortunately work well when Zero uses it constantly in the text, which leads to just a few* grammatical issues.

So instead, we adopted another approach that will hopefully fix the problematic section in Part 7 without you even noticing! Doing it this way reduces hassle and improves readability, so we just thought it was an overall improvement over the royal we idea.

As for the surprise announcement that was supposed to come last Thursday—that’s going to be delayed until we feel the time is ripe (which won’t be very far down the road, let me assure you) :>

As always, we hope you enjoy the newest part and have a safe rest of the week!

「それはまるで、夢の景色のようにただひたすらに… 美しい眺めだった。」