New Year’s Update

Hey all! We hope everyone’s had a happy new year!

There’s been some delays recently due to some unexpected new year’s madness, and I’ll be here to bring you all up to speed on what we’ve been doing!

  • The first part (of two) to Chapter Six will be out next week! I’m sorry for the confusion about this, as I had forgotten about holiday obligations and didn’t give you guys a timely heads-up to change its official release date.
  • Nano! #02 is out today! Apologies for the late release on this one!
  • Chapter 5 of the manga will be scanlated once we get ahold of the raws (which will be soon!), but most likely after the two-part Chapter Six release in the two following weeks!

My mistake for going a bit incognito during this hectic period and not communicating readily enough with you.

Thanks always for sticking with us, and please enjoy this week’s Nano! chapter!


Onward to Chapter Six!

Hey all! Isn’t this a surprise! We’ve completely polished off the second 50% of Chapter Five, and now we’re ready for what lies in Chapter Six!

Some brief announcements:

  • As per the poll results, some terminology will be reworked to accommodate your votes (e.g. the use of Lunar Chant)
  • On account of Christmas & today’s extra long part, we will not be releasing next Monday. To make up for it though, we’re going to bring you the translation of Nano! #02 on the first Monday of 2017, as well as the entirety of Chapter 6 (although it may need to be split into two parts) after that, which will leave us but one final chapter to cover. 
  • We will be translating the next chapter of the manga soon!

From everyone at Zero Mahou, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!



Chapter 5 Part 5 released!

Small note: some terminology was reworked in C5-4 to accommodate C5-5, namely the occurrences of “girl” in the final paragraph of C5-4 have been replaced with “little lady”.



47% complete!

Sorry about the shorter part this week – was nursing a cold and couldn’t do that much. I did manage to pick a cliffhanger-y place to end it though mwahahahaha

Longer part next week to make up for it! =D



5-3 released!

Manga-related announcement coming (soon™)™

Look who’s back!

Guess who’s back in town in this week’s installment of Zero Mahou?

We’ve got some fun times ahead, I’m sure. 😉

For anyone interested, we’re aiming to get to Vol.2 of the manga and Nano! #02 in a month!

Chapter Five — Immolation

After the events of Chapter Four, what will happen to our mercenary now? And perhaps more immediately, what is Albus’ fate, and Zero’s?

What could the chapter’s title possibly mean?

Press onward!