Update History

leave a comment about your first manga/LN/anime if you actually visited this page
07/11/2016-08/08/2016 – Chapter 3 Parts 10-12 released, Chapter 3 complete!
June-07/11/2016 – Chapter 3 Parts 5-9 released! (forgot and am too lazy to type them all out ):
6/06/2016 – YES! NO MORE EXPOSITION—I mean, Chapter 3 Part 4 released!
5/30/2016 – Chapter 3 Part 3 released!
5/23/2016 – Chapter 3 Part 2 released!
5/16/2016 – Chapter 3 Part 1 released!
5/09/2016 – Return from hiatus and Nano! #00 released!
4/20/2016 – Chapter 2 complete!!!
4/11/2016 – Chapter 2 Part 3 released!
4/05/2016 – Chapter 2 Part 2 released! (project launch gift)
4/04/2016 – Chapter 2 Part 1 released!
3/27/2016 – Project Launch! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ Illustrations, Prologue, and Chapter 1 are released.
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5 thoughts on “Update History

  1. Really excited to see more from this series, so thank you for bringing it into a language I can read. As for the question of firsts…

    Anime: Gurren Lagann
    Light novel: To aru Majutsu no Index ( A Certain Magical Index)
    Manga: First English licensed purchase was Akame ga Kill, don’t quite remember first ever manga.


  2. No probs, it’s a very exciting hobby for us too 😀
    Thanks for sharing your first experiences! (I didn’t really expect anyone to visit this page lol)


  3. from manga to anime,cant get enough of it… >_< try to find the novel in english and found this page,looking forward for the next chapter as im totally hook up with this…

    first anime: probably inazuma eleven
    first manga: not even remember what the first manga
    first LN: overlord

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