A tale of good in a world of sin.

This novel is fun.

Are there no other words necessary to describe this work? If instead I were to promulgate sophisms, would that not simply be worse?If I am to be quite honest, I am indeed apprehensive so. However, as I have been bestowed the honor of writing a commentary on this piece, I believe what is meant is for me to chronicle but a few of my personal thoughts on this work.

The stage of this story is set in a sinful, foolish world beyond saving. There reside demons, probably gods as well, but it is undoubtedly an unsightly human world. Its mysteries are not those that bring about dreams, but those that bring about nightmares. It is a society that made an innocent boy give up hope of living a human life, by no fault of his own. It is an era in which a noble woman, trying to save lives, became the victim of a witch hunt.

Nevertheless, this work is overflowing with human kindness. Our protagonist is a victim of unreasonable circumstances, someone who has plenty of reason to resent society. Yet even as he laments his condition, resigns himself to his fate, and is guilty of overall cynicism, he remains a righteous person. Even our heroine, whose creation threw a nation into disarray and shook the world, a certain child, who for extremely selfish reasons attempted the murder of our protagonist, and a certain man who deceived his own relative, killed his own brethren, and hoodwinked all of his admiring followers. They and the protagonist are all fragrant with human kindness. I felt that this is what makes this tale feel so refreshing, and also what lends it its depth of flavor that keeps it so fresh.

To preempt any misunderstanding, however, I will add that this work is a novel written for amusement, not a treatise meant for education. I may say it countless times, but this is a fun novel. I can’t help but smile as I read about the strange heroine, the frivolous sub-heroine, the gutsy yet young supporting character, the final boss I can think of only as mad, and the rather plebeian protagonist with his bloody vocation. The final battle I pieced together from careful foreshadowing, not knowing there was in fact a spiked pitfall lying in wait.

With all of that being said, I have a personal request to make. Please read this work as a work of entertainment first. Then read it once more, but savor the humanity of our protagonist and company, who were born in this wicked world. Once you have done so, this adventure alone will not be enough. I am sure that you will want to see more of their journey.

On that note, please be sure to continue on with this story.

An out-of-place fan letter,
Tsutomu Satou[3]


[3] Author of “The Irregular at Magic High School” or “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei”


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