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Volume 1 — Chapter 5 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 12/19/2016)

Welcome to Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho by Kobashiri Kakeru!

Hello and welcome to Zero Mahou the Translation, new parts released every Monday!

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho is a fantasy/adventure light novel that can be considered to be extraordinary amongst its peers. Within is a tale told through the perspective of the semi-human protagonist, referred to only as “mercenary”, as he travels the land with his client, the knowledgeable yet naive witch named Zero.

This is a story of prejudice and redemption, religion and vulgarity, that offers social commentary on the most pressing issues of the day, such as racism and religious conflict. The characters are also far from your typical heroes; our protagonist is but a run of the mill mercenary trying to eke out a living for himself while living through intense discrimination, and Zero is a preeminent spell caster who has been secluded in a cave since birth.

There is no better way to introduce the work than as a unique take on the adventure genre, while maintaining classic narrative techniques that should not be changed.

Please, do leave feedback as it helps us very much to know what you think of our work, be it good or bad, and don’t forget to thank Lockman Capulet for editing so assiduously.

Hop in, and enjoy the ride.

-Your translator, Aer

A Small Setback

So…the release of C6-1 is going to be delayed a couple of days to either Thursday or Friday.

Funny story, but I managed to brick my laptop after dropping it (>_<) and I don’t keep backups of my data…and unfortunately hindsight is 20/20.

It’s been a day since, and I’ve been working off of memory + a physical copy of Zero Mahou + a temporary computer to speed up the translation process this time around, so it’s only going to take a day or two to get back up to the ~50 pages’ worth that got annihilated.

Sorry for another delay, but this one’ll be short!


P.S. Wish me luck as I attempt to retrieve what remains on the laptop’s hard drive 😦

Release Schedule for Jan. 9-Feb. 6

There isn’t a release today, though it’s been nearly three weeks since a LN update, and this is because it was folly to try and translate ~50 pages (!) of a ~100 page chapter in a week. A previous poll seemed to indicate that the majority of us want more condensed releases rather than more frequent ones, so Chapter 6-1 will be released next Monday instead, and Chapter 6-2 will finish off the chapter the week after (most likely).

Here is an updated release schedule encompassing the Mondays between January 9th and February 6th, inclusive:

  • Jan. 16 — LN Chapter 6-1
  • Jan. 23 — LN Chapter 6-2
  • Jan. 30 — Chapter 5 of the manga
  • Feb. 6 — Chapter 6 of the manga OR LN Chapter 7 (wrapping up Vol. 1 of the LN!!!)

New Year’s Update

Hey all! We hope everyone’s had a happy new year!

There’s been some delays recently due to some unexpected new year’s madness, and I’ll be here to bring you all up to speed on what we’ve been doing!

  • The first part (of two) to Chapter Six will be out next week! I’m sorry for the confusion about this, as I had forgotten about holiday obligations and didn’t give you guys a timely heads-up to change its official release date.
  • Nano! #02 is out today! Apologies for the late release on this one!
  • Chapter 5 of the manga will be scanlated once we get ahold of the raws (which will be soon!), but most likely after the two-part Chapter Six release in the two following weeks!

My mistake for going a bit incognito during this hectic period and not communicating readily enough with you.

Thanks always for sticking with us, and please enjoy this week’s Nano! chapter!


Onward to Chapter Six!

Hey all! Isn’t this a surprise! We’ve completely polished off the second 50% of Chapter Five, and now we’re ready for what lies in Chapter Six!

Some brief announcements:

  • As per the poll results, some terminology will be reworked to accommodate your votes (e.g. the use of Lunar Chant)
  • On account of Christmas & today’s extra long part, we will not be releasing next Monday. To make up for it though, we’re going to bring you the translation of Nano! #02 on the first Monday of 2017, as well as the entirety of Chapter 6 (although it may need to be split into two parts) after that, which will leave us but one final chapter to cover. 
  • We will be translating the next chapter of the manga soon!

From everyone at Zero Mahou, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!



Chapter 5 Part 5 released!

Small note: some terminology was reworked in C5-4 to accommodate C5-5, namely the occurrences of “girl” in the final paragraph of C5-4 have been replaced with “little lady”.



47% complete!

Sorry about the shorter part this week – was nursing a cold and couldn’t do that much. I did manage to pick a cliffhanger-y place to end it though mwahahahaha

Longer part next week to make up for it! =D



5-3 released!

Manga-related announcement coming (soon™)™