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Volume 2 — Prologue Progress: 100% (Last Updated 05/22/2017)

Welcome to Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho by Kobashiri Kakeru!

Hello and welcome to Zero Mahou the Translation, new parts released every Monday!

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho is a fantasy/adventure light novel that can be considered to be extraordinary amongst its peers. Within is a tale told through the perspective of the semi-human protagonist, referred to only as “mercenary”, as he travels the land with his client, the knowledgeable yet naive witch named Zero.

This is a story of prejudice and redemption, religion and vulgarity, that offers social commentary on the most pressing issues of the day, such as racism and religious conflict. The characters are also far from your typical heroes; our protagonist is but a run of the mill mercenary trying to eke out a living for himself while living through intense discrimination, and Zero is a preeminent spell caster who has been secluded in a cave since birth.

There is no better way to introduce the work than as a unique take on the adventure genre, while maintaining classic narrative techniques that should not be changed.

Please, do leave feedback as it helps us very much to know what you think of our work, be it good or bad, and don’t forget to also thank our editor, Lockman Capulet, for editing so assiduously.

Hop in, and enjoy the ride.

-Your translator, Aer

V1 Afterword/Commentary + V2 Illustrations & Prologue

We’ve got a lot to announce today!

Volume 1’s afterword and accompanying commentary have been released, as well as translations for Volume 2’s illustrations and prologue! Check them out on the menu!

We will have Volume 1 & Volume 2’s illustrations all typeset very soon, and so the unwieldy subtitles in Volume 2’s illustrations page will soon be colorful glowing text on the images themselves. PDF/ePub editing for Volume 1 is set to commence as well.

News for the manga coming in a day or two!

Zero Mahou, Volume One Complete

I was astonished to have the opportunity to type those five words, and overwhelmed by the emotion I felt as I did so. It’s been a long journey, and I’d like to thank all of you for your endless patience, as well as your continuous support over the past twelve months. There have been countless hours of effort and energy put into all different aspects of this project, and it is an honor and a privilege, as well as a personal point of pride, to finally be able to announce its completion. As for the future, Volume Two will take not nearly as much time as Volume One, that I can promise you.

Some administrative notices before we conclude this broadcast:

  • There will be no releases for the next week as we focus on editing and generally reviewing/overhauling older releases in preparation for PDF/ePub publication. We will also be using that time to catch up with the manga, and to build up a buffer for Volume Two, title pending.
  • We will be re-typesetting some illustrations to bring them in line with our more recent translations, so some illustrations may be missing from the illustrations page.
  • Oh, and the afterword is coming in the next day or two.

As always, thank you to LockmanCapulet for your speed editing prowess, and to kuro-pi for “supervising” reigning as supreme overlord over this puny translation.

More news to come.


See You Wednesday

Exams. Time. Chapter. End. Editing. Afterword. Quality. Volume. Two.

See you Wednesday for the end of Volume One.

Chapter 7, Part 1!

This is the 50% mark for Chapter 7, otherwise known officially as the Final Chapter! We’ll be wrapping up Volume 1 next week with the second half and the afterword, and most likely the 6th manga chapter along with it!

Enjoy, and have a great rest of the week!

New banners!

Hey, quick update here 🙂

We just got a new banner from Miki, a graphic artist in the group, which will begin to show up randomly in place of our original banner as of today! More soon to come.

Chapter Six COMPLETE!


Chapter Seven isn’t yet over, and we won’t party ’till then. We’re aiming to finish that off with a similarly long part, so look forward to what should be the conclusion of the volume next week, plus the afterword sometime after that!

This release was far FAR longer than our usual releases, so be sure to leave your thoughts on the chapter and thank Lockman for being so patient with the ~4.7k words this was!

Next week on Zero Mahou: Final Chapter — Magic Authorization (name tentative)

Oh and for you manga folks—we’ll have the next chapter out in the following days as well.

Chapter 6 Part 11

C6-11 is now here for your enjoyment!

While we work on getting the rest of Volume One done (hopefully in the next two or three releases!), we’ll be releasing Chapter 6 of the manga very soon as well, so heads up!

Also, for all of you joining us from the anime: please do read the story beginning from chapter 1; the anime left out quite a bit of worldbuilding for time’s sake and is sometimes nothing like the source, so be warned if you feel lost in further chapters!