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Volume 2 — Chapter 1 Progress: 100% (Last Updated July 31st, 2017)

Welcome to Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho by Kobashiri Kakeru!

Hello and welcome to Zero Mahou the Translation, new parts released every Monday!

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho is a fantasy/adventure light novel that can be considered to be extraordinary amongst its peers. Within is a tale told through the perspective of the semi-human protagonist, referred to only as “mercenary”, as he travels the land with his client, the knowledgeable yet naive witch named Zero.

This is a story of prejudice and redemption, religion and vulgarity, that offers social commentary on the most pressing issues of the day, such as racism and religious conflict. The characters are also far from your typical heroes; our protagonist is but a run of the mill mercenary trying to eke out a living for himself while living through intense discrimination, and Zero is a preeminent spell caster who has been secluded in a cave since birth.

There is no better way to introduce the work than as a unique take on the adventure genre, while maintaining classic narrative techniques that should not be changed.

Please, do leave feedback as it helps us very much to know what you think of our work, be it good or bad, and don’t forget to also thank our editor, Lockman Capulet, for editing so assiduously.

Hop in, and enjoy the ride.

-Your translator, Aer

Internet Issues

Hey guys, it’s aer here again!

im having severe internet issues today (travel-related reasons) and can’t upload this week’s part, not to wordpress, not to anywhere. I’m cancelling this week’s part because it’s on the very short side anyway, and it’ll be added on to next week’s for a longer part.

thanks for understanding guys, it’s really appreciated!

Vacation Time

Hi all!

I really should have announced this earlier, but I thought I could get some work in over the past week and so I didn’t. I’m currently on vacation in Japan, and my days have been packed (sightseeing while in a typhoon, anyone?) which meant no time to get a part out for this week, unfortunately.

All I can offer are pictures if y’all are interested, but know that there will be a part next week, as I’m returning on Friday!

Chapter One Complete!

Chapter One, Part Nine has been released, and that brings Chapter One to a close!

What’s the deal with the saint? What is the Church up to? And what is the background of our newest traveling companion?

Stay tuned to find out next week in:

Chapter Two: The Saint and the Father

Chapter 1, Part 8

Apologies for the shorter part this week! I’m currently on vacation and jet lag is the worst thing ever. I’ll try and get parts for the next three weeks done this week, so we don’t end up in this situation for the next three Mondays!

Manga Chapter 7 is still being cleaned, as our cleaner had an accident that damaged his hands, but the script is ready to go. It will be typeset and released at the earliest date possible.

edit: apparently part 7 wasn’t in the menu structure, apologies again for the oversight! It’s been fixed now, for anyone that couldn’t access it before.

chapter one part seven

. . .manga chapter seven currently being cleaned. . .

. . .chapter one loading 90%. . .

No Part for July 9th

Sorry all! I’ve been spending most of my waking hours the past week either working on plans for the rest of the summer or doing 4th of July things, and I’m going to have to skip this week’s part as a result. We’ll be back next week though so don’t worry!

Chapter One, Part Six!

Dea Ignis feels so cool to say. Dea IgnisDea Ignis. Dea Ignis. Just in case you’re confused though, it’s pronounced deity, but instead of the trailing –ty it’s an –ah sound instead. And Ignis is, well, ignis. Now go read the new part!

Edit: I’ll remember to put this in every post at some point, but direct link for the confuzzled

Also, Manga Chapter 7 is coming out soon once we get cleaned raws, and we’re working on the script for the next Nano! chapter!